We are a small family owned business on a quest to create provisions for adventurous artists.  Whether you are a plein air artist, enjoy trying unique paints, or wish to add something different to your artistic process, we have you covered!

Our watercolor paints come in three collections: classic single pigment paints, creative and original multi-pigment paints, and exclusive hand-milled paints from foraged materials.

We create many different types of supplies.  Watercolor, crayons, and gouache are some of the items we offer.  Check out our store to see what we have in stock, as supplies tend to sell out quickly!

Stoneworks Mill was created in response to a desire to have a family owned business, and a severe love of the outdoors.


Mrs. Stoneworks has been an artist her entire life. In addition she has been making things from "scratch" since she was a little girl.


Mr. Stoneworks is the ultimate outdoor adventure hound, a maker by heart, and our in-house innovator.


Using their combined talents Stoneworks Mill was born.