Handcrafted Provisions for the Adventurous Artist

Our Creative Collection is composed of paints that contain multiple pigments.  Some of these pigments are our own hand-milled and some are the finest manufactured pigments available. 

Each paint is designed so that the combined colors not only enhance each other, but they cooperate in a clear and beautiful manner.

Some of our well known

Creative Colors are found in:

The Great Outdoors Palette


Winter Horizon Palette

Creative Mixes

These paints are the genesis of what we do.  Stoneworks Mill began when we learned to create our own pigments from sources that we hand foraged and milled by hand in a mortar and pestle.

Some of our paints created from hand-milled pigments:

Golden Chesapeake

Ancestral Red Ochre

Rustic Grey 

Hand-Milled Pigments

Classic Collection paints are single pigment paints that artists have come to know and rely upon. Created with the finest manufactured pigments and our unique and high quality medium, our Classic colored paints are a favorite of those who create luminous painting. Some of our well known Classic Colors are found in:

The Spectrum Palette 


The Luminous Palette

Classic Colors